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Brand Campaign

Content Director + Copywriter

Hope Credit Union acts as a catalyst for good in the Deep South communities they serve. "HOPE makes it happen" brings this story to life and takes an emotional look at the life-changing impact Hope Credit Union has on its members. As content director and lead copywriter, I developed copy for all tactics, including video, radio, social media, web copy, print ads, out-of-home, and direct mail.

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Brand Campaign

Concept Creator + Copywriter

Community First Credit Union gives its members the tools they need to just be themselves. To evolve their "Just Be Yourself" tagline, I created the concept for their 2022 brand campaign, "Own It." Tactics included television, radio, streaming, and digital.

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Copywriter + Project Coordinator
Jovia Financial Credit Union promises to help its members live the life they want. I coordinated and implemented a multi-channel onboarding program and wrote the emails, direct mails, and text messages. 

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Website + Social Media

Copywriter + Content Strategist
Meliora Health is a leading digital provider of mental health and neurodevelopmental services for kids and teens. I write the copy for their website and their social media content, both paid and organic.

Meliora Health Homepage

Content Development + Blogs


The Love Always Project is a movement promoting the discussion about end-of-life issues to help people plan for death and ease the pain of loved ones. I write blogs and articles for their website, positively contributing to their content plan and SEO strategy.

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